eGate Controller Pro – User Manual

Turn your auto gate to SMART auto gate within 15 minutes! Check it out 😎

Table of Contents

Step 1 ~ Download and install the Smart Life App

Download, install & register an account in the “Smart Life” app in the application market.

Step 2 ~ Connect eGate Controller Pro to your autogate

Follow the video, to connect eGate Controller Pro to your auto gate.

Refer the wiring connection drawing below, that match your auto gate. If your board doesn’t list below, please contact us to help.

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Step 3 ~ Connect eGate Controller Pro with the Smart Life App

Follow the video to connect the eGate Controller Pro to the Smart Life App.

* Make sure your phone connected to 2.4GHz wifi.

* Make sure you follow the app instruction and give all the needed permission to the APP.

Step 4 ~ Done

Done ☺️ Now you able to control your autogate by using your phone.

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