eGate Controller Pro 2


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Control your auto gate by using APP

12 Months Warranty

3x Enhanced
Works in offiline mode
with Any Gate
Control Range
Voice Control
20 Family Members

Essential security
for your gate.

A smart way to
buzz someone in.

Enhance your existing, compatible auto gate with eGate Controller Pro – an advanced entry solution that’s perfect for gated.

Open your gate
on the go.

Now you can control your gate from the app and let friends, family, and service professionals in from anywhere, whether you’re home or away. Plus, connect with an optional Eden Robot Video Doorbell or Security Camera to see, hear, and speak to visitors from Live View.

Protect your

Receive Online Shopping packages securely inside your gate. With eGate Controller Pro, drivers deliver your packages directly inside your gate, where they’re safely out of sight and protected from passersby.

Worry-free Installation

Simple Wiring

Follow the user manual, and connect the eGate Controller Pro with your existing auto gate board.

Connect to APP

Pair the eGate Controller Pro with Smart Life APP, That’s it.

You're all set!

Start using eGate Controller Pro and the Smart Life App to remotely unlock your gate from anywhere.


What is eGate Controller Pro?
eGate Controller Pro is a smart entry access solution that enhances your existing, compatible auto gate and allows for remotely granting access to visitors. This advanced entry solution is perfect for gated single-family homes or small, multi-unit apartment buildings. Customers can remotely operate their electronically-controlled entryways directly from their app, as well as receive packages.
Can my [landlord, HOA, etc.] use this device to enter my home?
No. Only you and your Shared Users can use the device to grant access to your gate or building.
Can I install this myself?
Yes, we provided all the wiring diagrams, just connect 5 wires.
eGate Controller Pro is recommended for customers who have personal, gated access to their homes, or for small, multi-unit apartment buildings.
How do I know if eGate Controller Pro will work at my home?
You will need to have an auto gate system. eGate Controller Pro works with any auto gate system.
Can I share this device with others in my home?
Yes. You can authorize additional users via the Shared Access feature.


Voltage Input: DC/AC 7v – 32v

Network: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/Bluetooth

Relay Channel: 2

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