How to Install Smart Curtain

Smart curtain you can program, they’ll wake you up gently and provide undisturbed sleep. Control the blinds with the attached remote control or use the Smartlife app. Healthy sleep is one of the best ways to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

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Prepare power socket

You can prepare the power socket either on the plaster ceiling or 50-120cm from the position of the curtain track.

Ceiling Pelmet( if any )

  • For those with curtain pelmet, the top of the curtain pelmet should be 15-18mm wooden board or concrete.
  • Dimension of for the curtain pelmet is depends on the curtain styles.
  • For not full wall curtain pelmet length should be : Pelmet Length = Window Length + 840 mm.


  1. Eden Robot Smart Curtain Set
  2. Wall Mount Brackets( Single Rail/ Double Rail ) – If needed


Determine the length of curtain track length

Full wall/ With pelmet : Curtain Track Length = Rounddown( Pelmet length – 18 cm )

For full wall curtain/ With pelmet

Wall mount : Curtain Track Length = Rounddown( Window length + 66 cm )

For not full wall curtain

Assembly the curtain track


Remote Control

The motor is energized
Press the motor reset button for 3 seconds until the indicator light is long.
Remove the back cover of the remote controller and press the P1 button twice. ( First press, the indicator LED blinking slowly, second press the indicator Led will blink for twice and goes out. )
Press the open or close button of the remote controller. And the pairing process is done.

Mobile App

Scan the QR Code to download Smartlife APP
Press the reset button THREE times and then hold the button until the LED blinks.
Open the Smartlife APP and click the + button at the top right corner.
Key in your home WIFI password. ( Make sure you connect to 2.4ghz wifi )
Select the ” Blink Quickly ” button.
Wait until the pairing process is complete.



  • For wooden pelmet or wooden walls, please don’t use the wall plugs.
  • At least, one bracket per every meter track.
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